Top 10 Reasons to Join AII™

Well_dressed_Oregon_inspectorREASON #1) "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." General Colin L. Powell.
Would $800 to $1400 per week in average fees be a reasonable part-time business income for you? If so, NOW might be the perfect time to enter the home inspection profession.
Many members of the American Institute of Inspectors® started their ventures as part-time businesses and then broke free from other jobs into a full-time home inspection career within six months to a year.
Still other members intend to operate a permanent part-time home inspection business.
These are startling results, in light of the recent recession and the fact that the Association projects a minimum of two to three years to grow a successful full-time home inspection enterprise.

REASON #2) One of our members recently pointed out that he had numerous competitors 18 months ago, but since the recession, those numbers have been severely reduced. At least one of those competitors who fell out of the pack purchased a home inspection franchise requiring an investment of over $12,000. (Some franchises run as much as $25,000 - - Editor.) Yet this A.I.I.™ member has survived while those "competitors" are no longer in business.
Regardless of whether you invest  $2,500 or $12,000 to enter the home inspection industry, it has been our experience that if the real estate agent will not cooperate by recommending your service, your home inspection business is doomed to failure.
The American Institute of Inspectors® training offers a proven formula to turn skeptical agents into enthusiastic sources of inspection referrals. This is an important aspect, because the much of the true success of an inspection business depends on the support of Realtors.

Jeff HerboldshimerREASON #3) The Coldwell Banker office in one community gives every buyer a choice of three different inspectors - all of them Members of A.I.I.™  This kind of access takes time and a history of consistent performance. Once the broker becomes familiar with an A.I.I.™ member's professional inspections, it is not uncommon to have the office broker endorse A.I.I.™ Members as "recommended" inspectors.
Three out of three is an exceptional achievement.  There are, however, many good reasons why a Realtor may be reluctant to endorse an inspector. Although no one can guarantee success, the American Institute of Inspectors® overcomes these issues with a proven Philosophy of Success. One element of this philosophy is a realistic 2 to 5 year business growth plan.

No get-rich-quick scheme, the AII™ Formula is a model of conservative estimates -- SOMETHING ON WHICH A CAREER CAN BE BUILT!

REASON #4) A.I.I.™ Members provide consistency by conforming to the Association's Standard of Practice & Code of Ethics, and by utilizing a uniform report format that clearly identifies the condition of all of the components of a home.

AII150BYREASON #5) Recognizing the lack of consistency from one inspector to the next; from one franchisee to the next; and from one organization of inspectors to the next, the Mortgage Bankers Association is also considering minimum home inspection standards.
Several types of loans now require that the buyer obtain a full house inspection before the loan can be approved. Just like the termite inspection industry matured when lenders began requiring pest reports four decades ago, the home inspection industry will mature in the next decade as more lenders require home inspections. A Portland, Oregon newspaper recently estimated that 97% of all home sales in the Portland area had had a full house inspection prior to sale.

The American Institute of Inspectors® Certification Standards easily fall within the lending and real estate industry's expectations of thoroughness and credibility. Once acquainted with an A.I.I.™ Certified Inspector and his/her report, lenders frequently respond with enthusiasm.

Real estate sales agents when asked about home inspections often respond by saying something like: "It's a good idea in principle, but the last guy scared the buyer half to death."  Naturally, they never want that to happen again.

The American Institute of Inspectors® has addressed this common concern by requiring that all members inspect to a MANDATORY Performance Standard, which overcomes the agent's fear of a home inspection "killing the deal". Adhering to the Performance Standard produces consistent, quality reports. It is this consistency and accurate, unbiased reporting that eases cases the concerns of the agents.

REASON #7) A pre-purchase home inspection, (commonly performed for buyers), is only one of the revenue sources available to a professional inspector. There are over twenty more areas of potential income such as:DanCrawl

  • Radon Testing
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Mobile Home Inspections
  • Insurance Inspection
  • Construction Progress
  • Phase I Environmental Surveys
  • Commercial Pre-Acquisition Site Assessments
  • Earthquake Inspections
  • Energy Evaluations
  • Lead Testing
  • Maintenance Review
  • Mechanical Evaluation
  • Structural Pests & Dry Rot Inspections
  • Water sample collection and testing
  • Mold sample collection and testing

Members of the American Institute of Inspectors® are privileged to obtain additional certifications in fields like these as they are developed by the membership, or agencies with which the Association contracts. In time, as public demands build, it is our belief that a full-service home inspector will offer many different types of inspections to his/her clients.

Jeff_Porch_300REASON #8) If you have always thought of yourself as a skilled "professional", (and therefore deserving of a professional's income), the home inspection industry provides you an opportunity to be recognized as one.
Obtaining your credentials from the American Institute of Inspectors® allows you to be called a "Professional". And once you achieve the title "Certified Home Inspector" you will have few competitors who will match your expertise. Simply by following the Association's Standards, Performance Philosophy, and Marketing Techniques, membership in A.I.I.™ affords you a level of respect and earnings potential that few ever achieve.

REASON #9) "Home inspection kits" are available through the mail for as little as $59.00. Another firm advertises a seminar on how to start a home inspection business for $495.00. Of course, we know this kind of material to be far from sufficient for those who attend with the expectations of being able to build a solid home inspection career from the information provided.
Becoming a Certified Member of the American Institute of Inspectors® is not inexpensive. However, if you recognize that diamonds do not come packed in Crackerjacks boxes then A.I.I.™ is your most economical solution to an inspection career.
The fees to become certified, the training course, the manuals and inspection forms are much less than the investment for a home inspection franchise.

The LIABILITY issue is the most frequent concern of those considering a home inspection career, (i.e. "What happens if I make a mistake?"). Since the industry is not licensed, errors and omissions insurance that actually covers anything is not generally available at a reasonable premium.  Marion A. Allen, Inc. of Georgia has approved training with the American Institute of Inspectors® for Insurance Underwriting.

As Brian Tracey, (the nationally acclaimed author, motivator, and success trainer), warns in his books: "The Calvary is not going to come to your rescue! If you do nothing, nothing good will happen to you!"



A special thank you to our Founding Chairman, Bill Ball


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"I joined AII™ ten years ago and I can't say enough about the great camaraderie and continuing education I have always received. " - Dan Huckins

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